Tim Malefyt on NY 1 - Vday Gift Giving Interview
Recently, Timothy Malefyt appeared on NY 1 to talk about Valentine’s Day and the act of gift giving. During the segment, Tim delved into the anthropological aspect of gift giving, explaining how gift exchange creates bonds of reciprocity. He pointed out that this applies not only to romantic relationships but also to business relationships. As an example of gift giving in advertising, Tim mentioned a Debeers Diamond commercial.

About the Author: Matt Artz

Matt Artz
Matt Artz is an anthropologist, designer, and strategist working at the intersection of user experience (UX), service design, and product management. He has led research and design projects for Fortune 10 and venture-funded startups and has had his work featured by Apple and South by Southwest. Matt is also the creator of the Anthropology in Business and Anthro to UX podcasts, as well as the host of other podcasts created in partnership with the American Anthropological Association, the Royal Anthropological Institute, EPIC, and the LiiV Center. You can follow Matt on LinkedInTwitterInstagramSpotify, and Google Scholar.