Name: Suanna Crowley


Bio: Suanna Crowley is an applied anthropologist and consultant working with universities, nonprofits, and individuals to amplify data and discovery. Using an anthropological lens, she examines networks of communication to create effective messaging campaigns that connect broad audiences with scientific and cultural understanding. In 2019, she designed the social media plan that helped to elevate the first-ever picture of a Black Hole in front of 4.5 billion people across the globe. Suanna's background is in archaeology, environmental sciences, and cultural resources management, leading domestic and international teams. Beyond this multi-disciplinary work, she is an avid mentor of students and early career professionals. Suanna teaches, writes, and speaks about ways of bringing anthropological training and insight into many sectors.

Specialization: Communication Anthropology, Science Communication, Digital Media, Public Relations, Public Policy, Branding & Marketing, Archaeology & Cultural Resources Management, Environmental Science

Available In Person: Yes

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