Name: Scarleth Herrera


Bio: Scarleth Milenka is a digital anthropologist/ethnographer in AI (Artificial Intelligence)- She’s the Founder, Executive Director and principal Digital Anthropologist at Orez Anthropological Research- an independent non-profit founded to educate, explore and advance research in digital anthropology. The vision for Orez is to advance research and have a better understanding of how relationships of humans interrelate with digital technologies. Scarleth Milenka is a long time member of Broward County Archaeological Society & Palm Beach Museum of natural history, Florida, Florida Anthropological Society attending and participating in workshops, lectures & events since 2015. Scarleth Milenka is fully bilingual in Spanish and English.

Specialization: Digital Anthropology in AI, Data science, Big Data, Digital Ethnography, Digital Humanities,

Available In Person: Yes

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Twitter: @orezantresearch