Name: Natalia Zlachevsky


Bio: I am a social anthropologist graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a master's degree in gender, society and politics (thesis in progress) and postgraduate courses in applied anthropology and anthropology of design. For fifteen years I have been working in social projects in the non-profit sector. Ten years ago I was part of the foundation of the organization engineering without borders argentina where I currently work in the training area. I also work in a program of digital inclusion of indigenous women from the gender area of FLACSO Argentina. I coordinate a degree in strategic management of social projects at the National Technological University. My interest is in participatory methodologies for the design, formulation and management of social projects. I have specialized in designing and facilitating workshops and trainings in intercultural contexts. I can formulate and coordinate projects with a human rights, intercultural and gender perspective. I have experience in training trainers and professionals to work in complex social contexts, as well as in coordinating work teams. In addition, I always seek to systematize the projects in which I have participated in order to build knowledge, learning and stories that reach people. I have studied in a university program in communication for social organizations, as well as several script and writing courses and I have coordinated editorial projects in the social sector. I have a background in interdisciplinary teams, especially with engineering professionals and architects and I am interested in building bridges between the technological world and the territories.

Specialization: Social Projects, Education, Designing

Available In Person: Yes

Available Virtually: