Name: Maureen Meyers


Bio: I am an archaeologist specializing in the pre-contact and contact period of the Southeastern U.S. I work as a Senior Archaeologist at New South Associates, Inc. I've worked in museums, multiple CRM firms, and was a tenured professor at the University of Mississippi before leaving to join the private sector. I oversee about a dozen projects to meet state and federal standards (S.106) in historic preservation across the Southeast, including state DOTs, TVA, COE and NPS as well as private clients. I also have done work to identify and eradicate sexual harassment in the field, published on working in the field with a chronic illness, and continue publishing in my research areas of frontier Mississippian chiefdoms, household economies, ceramics, shell production, fabric production (all in SW VA); 17th C. Westo Indians in SC; arsenic in 19th c. graves; and inclusivity in archaeology. Because I have a combined academic and practicing background and years of lecturing experience, I enjoy talking to college-level classes and have spoken many times on various topics in the field.

Specialization: Mississippian chiefdoms; frontiers; fabric production; ceramics; Native enslavement; arsenic embalming; sexual harassment; chronic illness

Available In Person: Yes

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