Name: Jasmine Fernandez


Bio: My name is Jasmine Fernandez, and I am 24 years old, with various work experience in fields like the service industry, caregiving, and working with California State parks. I have a great history of caregiving for children in children’s centers, with family and friends. My professional interests lie in medical/maternal and infant health and cultural anthropology, so I aspire to obtain my midwife license and work closely with BIPOC communities that are in the United States, as well as internationally. I am a highly efficient worker and student who is ready to show my leadership skills to myself, my family, and my community. I am very adaptable to new environments, spaces, and crowds. I am compassionate and communicate thoroughly with my peers and upper ranks. Thank you for your time.

Specialization: Maternal health/Caregiving/ Cultural Anthropology

Available In Person: Yes

Available Virtually: