Name: Dominique Desjeux


Bio: Most often, companies and public authorities ask anthropologists how societies and human behavior are going to change, and how to innovate in the face of global warming. There are no a priori answers. We need to carry out qualitative surveys in a new, exotic, and unknown world, the future. I propose an approach in terms of strategic anthropology, based on observation of the games played by social players, their practices, and their material, social and symbolic constraints. The understanding of these constraints varies according to the scale of observation, the itinerary of practices, and life cycles. My contribution is mainly methodological. It enables us to understand the new social logic of innovation and change in different societies around the world, to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, raw materials, and animal protein.

Specialization: Anthropology of daily life and organization

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Anthropologue & sociologue de la consommation