Name: Amanda (Mandy) Eversole


Bio: Originally from the Pacific Northwestern United States, Mandy relocated to the Golden state of California to study people and plants. A former consumer loan officer of eight years, at age 30, she decided it was time to reinvigorate her professional life. After finding Anthropology, she realized her life's goal and attained her Bachelor of the Arts in Anthropology, with a minor in Native American studies, from Washington State University. Mandy currently lives as a digital nomad in Northern California, works full-time as an Archaeologist with the United States Forest Service, and is a graduate student at California State University's Chico Anthropology program. She spends her free time in her "van, down by the river" and moonlights as a comedic actor.

Specialization: Digital Nomadism, Governmental Archaeology, Post-Fire Archaeology, Fire Ecology

Available In Person: Yes

Available Virtually: