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SpeakersBioSpecializationLocationIn PersonVirtual
Adam KoonsKoons has been a full-time practitioner for 40 years. He currently works for FEMA. He has worked primarily on international programs in over 40 countries focusing on poverty reduction, food security, emergency response, and humanitarian assistance. He has held senior management and executive positions at a range of international NGOs, as well as USAID. Koons served on the SfAA Nominations Committee twice, and twice on the SfAA Program Committee. For the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists he has been president twice, and held numerous other positions. He holds a PhD in Applied Anthropology from American University.Emergency Management, Disaster Response, Poverty Reduction (food security, water, health)Washington DC areaYesYes
Aixa Alemán-DíazAixa is AGU’s (nonprofit) Program Manager, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Aixa continues her research with two funded new projects in Puerto Rico. Prior to AGU, Aixa was the Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. She has worked at the NSF, NOAA, USEPA, and NIH in the US federal government. She also has done scientific and educational consulting, and volunteer/service in the United States and Puerto Rico. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and psychology from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from American University.Cultural and Environmental Anthropology; Science and Technology studiesWashington DC metroYesYes
Alexandra MackAlexandra Mack (she/her) leads innovative problem solving and strategy development based on a deep understanding of the surrounding culture and activities. She has brought this combination of customer-centered design, innovation, market research, opportunity identification, business planning, and cultural change to projects across verticals, including health care, retail, software, and financial services, and is currently Director of Research at Ad Hoc, LLC where she is responsible for defining approaches and articulating a forward-thinking vision for user research and related design and experience work with our government clients. She is also an Entrepreneur in Residence with Yale Ventures, where she has mentored student venture teams and advised faculty innovators looking to translate technologies into businesses.design, innovation, strategy, civic tech, businessConnecticutYesYes
Amanda (Mandy) EversoleOriginally from the Pacific Northwestern United States, Mandy relocated to the Golden state of California to study people and plants. A former consumer loan officer of eight years, at age 30, she decided it was time to reinvigorate her professional life. After finding Anthropology, she realized her life's goal and attained her Bachelor of the Arts in Anthropology, with a minor in Native American studies, from Washington State University. Mandy currently lives as a digital nomad in Northern California, works full-time as an Archaeologist with the United States Forest Service, and is a graduate student at California State University's Chico Anthropology program. She spends her free time in her "van, down by the river" and moonlights as a comedic actor.Digital Nomadism, Governmental Archaeology, Post-Fire Archaeology, Fire EcologyNorthern California, United StatesYesYes
Andrew MarleyDriven by a keen desire to help organizations unpack and address sticky subjects like corporate culture, organizational change, and strategic planning.I trained in applied anthropology in Silicon Valley and have had the opportunity to work with organizations of various sizes across a variety of fields, ranging from a three-person non-profit to multi-national corporations employing tens of thousands. I pull from my training in anthropology, futures research, and lean thinking to illuminate and clarify people and process problems.UX Research, Organizational Culture, Futures Research and ThinkingCincinnati, OHYesYes
Asiyah KurtzAsiyah Kurtz is an applied anthropologist and researcher in the field of cultural sustainability. Originally from Memphis, TN, she earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Memphis where she focused on community development and organizing. Her master’s research at Goucher College connects culture to development in the local arts economy. As Executive Director of a community-based arts organization in Camden, NJ, Asiyah leads the organization using an equity-driven, assets-based approach. She subscribes to Octavia Butler’s school of thought that “There is nothing new under the sun but there are new suns.”art, craft, Black feminist theory, alternative economy, community development, cultural traditionsCamden, NJYesYes
Autumn D. McDonaldAutumn D. McDonald, owner of ADM Insights & Strategy, is a Market Researcher, Sociocultural Anthropologist, and Insights Maven with over two decades of experience in research, insights, and analytics, leading client-side insights teams at numerous Fortune 500 companies and research in industries around the globe.Business Anthropology, Market Research, Consumer ResearchWashington, DC, USAYesYes
Bryan ClancyCulture is built by Human Aspiration. How much one understands culture is how one engages in the world that surrounds you. As a Sales performance consultant I am committed to coaching, teaching and learning in cohorts to make each professional better at what they do. The culture of communication starts by listening and observing and that is why I hope to actively hear what people are Saying, Doing and Believe, all around me.”Anthropology may not provide the answer to the question of the meaning of life, but at least it can tell us that there are many ways in which to make a life meaningful.” Thomas Hylland EriksenCorporate Anthropology, Business AnthropologyDublín, IrelandYesYes
Carol J. Pierce ColferI am an anthropologist who has worked on teams with agricultural scientists, educational and health researchers, engineers, fisheries and marine scientists, family planning experts, ecologists and most consistently foresters. I have had long term ethnographic experience in the US, Oman, and Indonesia; and collaborative research experience throughout the tropics (specifically Latin America, Asia, and Africa). My substantive area of focus has been people and forests and ways to strengthen their voices in policymaking, planning, implementation and assessment. Another area of expertise has been gender with a general interest in inclusivity more broadly.inter/transdisciplinary and multi-scale collaboration, gender, health, adaptive collaborative management of forestsUS, Middle East, Indonesia, the forested tropicsYesYes
Chris GreenI am the Director of Collections & Exhibits at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from University of Pennsylvania, specializing on the influence of museums on the Indigenous independence movement of Kanaky/New Caledonia. My background is in NAGPRA compliance, repatriation, cultural resource management, and museum education.Museums, non-profits, cultural resource management, repatriationMonterey, CAYesYes
Corliss D HeathDr. Corliss D. Heath is a Health Scientist in the Division of Policy and Data at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), HIV/AIDS Bureau in Rockville, MD. She leads and coordinates various collaborative projects, while providing leadership, evaluation, implementation and dissemination guidance of programs to guarantee provision of high-quality HIV intervention, care and treatment services. Dr. Heath has 30 years of professional experience in public health research with a solid track record working in nonprofit, academic, healthcare, and government organizations. She has an interdisciplinary background in public health, religion, and medical anthropology. Her research interests include HIV care, mental health, religion and culture, women’s health, intersectionality, implementation science, and health inequities and inequalities.HIV, Women's Health, Implementation Science, Health DisparitiesMetro Atlanta areaYesYes
Dominique DesjeuxMost often, companies and public authorities ask anthropologists how societies and human behavior are going to change, and how to innovate in the face of global warming. There are no a priori answers. We need to carry out qualitative surveys in a new, exotic, and unknown world, the future. I propose an approach in terms of strategic anthropology, based on observation of the games played by social players, their practices, and their material, social and symbolic constraints. The understanding of these constraints varies according to the scale of observation, the itinerary of practices, and life cycles. My contribution is mainly methodological. It enables us to understand the new social logic of innovation and change in different societies around the world, to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, raw materials, and animal protein.Anthropology of daily life and organizationFranceYesYes
Ed LiebowEd served as Executive Director of the American Anthropological Association from 2012-23. AAA and its sections publish 24 journals, stage 12 conferences and a film festival annually, support professional development, set ethical standards for the discipline, and undertake extensive public education and outreach on behalf of the field. Before being named AAA director, Ed enjoyed a long career with the non-profit Battelle Memorial Institute, where he conducted research on a variety of energy, public health, and social policy issues. He is affiliated with the University of Washington, and with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. He was a Senior Fellow of the Fulbright Commission, and was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Royal Anthropological Institute, and the Society for Applied Anthropology.DC is my primary residence, although I now spend some time in Seattle as well.environmental health, perceptions of risk, migration, science and public policyYesYes
Elizabeth K. BriodyElizabeth K. Briody has been involved in cultural-change efforts for 35+ years—first at General Motors Research and later through her consulting practice, Cultural Keys. Her projects have spanned many industries including automotive, health care, research institutions, aerospace, insurance, consumer products, and petrochemicals. Among her books are Transforming Culture and The Cultural Dimension of Global Business (9th ed.). She leads the Anthropology Career Readiness Network to improve student preparation for careers. She is Past President of NAPA and served as AAA Secretary. In 2020, Briody was honored by the Society for Applied Anthropology’s Bronislaw Malinowski award for lifetime achievement.Organizational culture and changeTroy, MIYesYes
Emily AltimareI have worked as a practicing anthropologist in consulting for nearly a decade and now I am inside a large Fortune 500. My specialization has been organizational culture, employee experience and effective communication. My PhD is in Anthropology from Michigan State University and I have a masters from Northern Arizona University in Applied Anthropology.Lean manufacturing , change management, corporate culture, business plan deployment, operational excellence and manufacturingMidwest, Michigan, USAYesYes
Emily LevittI've been a user researcher/insights strategist for 6+ years, working at tech companies small and large, focusing on products as broad as cloud gaming (Google Stadia), dating apps (OkCupid) and AI-enabled work productivity tools (Dropbox). I've also been a consultant at boutique firms and big 4 consulting power houses. Lots of reinvention along the way!stakeholder management & persuasion; story telling; partnering with quant/data scienceNYCYesYes
Gideon SingerDigital garbologist working to solve plastic pollution and help build the circular economy with spatial data science, ethnography, and a commitment to participatory methods.GIS and Spatial Data ScienceBaltimore, MarylandNoYes
Inga GrußI'm a cultural anthropologist and have worked in applied health care research since completion of my PhD at Cornell in 2015. I first worked for 6 years in health services research with Kaiser Permanente in Portland, OR and have worked the last two year in clinical outcomes assessment with different consultancies (based in Ann Arbor, MI). In general, I'm available to speak in-person locally or anywhere virtually.Health services research, health care consulting, clinical outcomes assessment, patient-reported outcomes researchAnn Arbor, MIYesYes
Jara Pallas-BrinkJara Pallas-Brink is a cultural anthropologist with 15 years of experience in ethnographic research. While her primary area of study is food access and community resilience in urban US, she has a wide range of interdisciplinary experience in academia and research consulting, including contributions to peer-reviewed publications. Currently, she is a Qualitative Research Manager at Human8, a global consultancy that connects brands with people and culture. Jara uses her skills as an ethnographer to help clients think through challenges and solve complex problems.food and culture, alternative food systems, kinship, care, community resilience, qualitative research methodology, AI in ethnography, applied anthropology, market researchMichiganYesYes
Jeff SolomonFirst, I love working with students whenever I get the chance! I am a cultural anthropologist (doctorate, 1995) with decades of experience doing applied research in settings outside the traditional academy. My work has been in three realms: health care (e.g., U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs), education (e,g., Harvard University in non-faculty role), and user experience research, which is my current role at Nationwide Mutual Insurance. I’d love to share lessons learned about working outside the academy and answer questions students might have. I’ve learned that how one talk about and presents research—especially research using qualitative methods—is very different from how this is discussed in academia.Qualitative methods, user experience research, interviews, focus groups, ethnographyBoston area/southern New HampshireYesYes
Jenessa Mae SpearsAs an Anthropologist at Consilience Group, I manage a portfolio of projects and serve as a consultant to nonprofits, government agencies, philanthropy, and health systems. I design and support community-driven solutions to persistent and complex social problems. I partner with organizations to build capacity for high impact initiatives, identify and foster partnerships, and (re)design systems for equity and sustainability.Practice, applied, engaged, design, nonprofits, organizations, government, philanthropy, business, consulting, health systems, holistic service systemsMemphis, TNYesYes
Jennifer StudebakerI am a practicing business anthropologist. I have applied my skills and knowledge to help companies find their market, improve their product or process, and better understand those they serve. I currently work in philanthropy, but I have experience in nonprofit admin, civic tech, market research, and fundraising. I am an active member and contributor to the Anthropology Career Readiness Network, supporting our tool development and media strategy. I am happy to share about my career and specific experiences as well as providing trainings and workshops.Business Anthropology, Marketing & Communications, Organizational Culture & Learning, Training, Project Management, Consumer / Customer (CX) Research, Employee EngagementKansas City, MOYesYes
Kat HuttonI am an ethnographer and qualitative researcher who has been freelancing in private sector tech for the past two years. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2019 with my MA in medical anthropology, where I studied surveillance capitalism and its impact on well-being. I have over seven years of experience using qualitative methods, and my specialty is to uncover the cultures that products/brands create and help build better relationships between service users and providers.Qualitative methods, UX research, ethnography, service designVancouver, BC, CanadaYesYes
Kate GilloglyAfter an earlier career of applied anthropology in international settings (agricultural development, community development) in SE Asia and the South Pacific, returned to the US. Have mostly worked on issues of environment and social justice in urban and semi-urban settings. Currently a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, where we focus on learning and doing as much as lectures. Current work is on cultural understandings and transformations of watersheds, as well as adaptations to global climate change.environmental anthropology, agricultural development, kinshipSE Wisconsin (Greater Chicagoland / Milwaukee)YesYes
Katherine MetzoI've worked in academia, grassroots policy, market research and design. My obsession with the craft of ethnography is the thread that has followed me in each of these spaces, which is really about understanding how to find the relevant answers to both stated and unspoken questions and framing our findings in ways that engage a variety of audiences and illuminate fundamental aspects of the human condition. I love mentoring others in finding their path in using the anthropological worldview in the day-to-day of their profession, regardless of where that might be, physically, technically, philosophically.UX Research; Policy Research; the craft of research; employee-facing research; what makes you stand out in a job search (interview question strategy, case studies and portfolios)Charlotte, NCYesYes
Kenneth C EricksonFifteen years professional practice helming Pacific Ethnography, Inc., fourteen years in State Education and Human Service work. Research in FMCG consumer electronic, & retail spaces. Clients, inter alia, included The Boeing Company, Wendy's, Lowe's, Hanes Brands, Epson America, and Hallmark Cards. Recently retired associate professor in an International Business Department. Now doing collaborative ethnographic work in the Hi-Low cattle country of NE New Mexico near Folsom. Fluent in Spanish, conversational in Chinese & Swedish. Can wrangle but can’t rope off a horse. Gay hitched to a native speaker of Mandarin. M.A. Wyoming (1986); Ph.D Kansas (1995).Consumer ethnography, video production, consultingNew MexicoYesYes
Kira CollinsI'm an Applied Cultural Anthropologist and Strategist working in a marketing agency. I'm passionate about using ethnography to gain empathetic insight into audience and user needs and crafting strategic design solutions that meet business goals. I have 7 years of experience conducting qualitative anthropological research in the private and public sectors and I have 3 years working in brand and marketing strategy. My specialty lies in understanding the cultural spaces around a brand and unearthing commonalities with audiences which make relevant marketing tactics feasible and impactful. I'm happy to speak on and answer questions around research, data, insights, anthropology, strategy, and more.Brand and Marketing Strategy; Consumer Anthropology; UX/UI Research; Market Research; Audience ResearchSan Diego, CAYesYes
François LaméSocio-anthropologue de formation et expert en storytelling, je mets les méthodes anthropologiques, linguistiques et neurocomportementales au service des marques, des organisations et des entreprises depuis plus de dix ans. "Toute EXPERIENCE qui ne devient pas un RECIT est une EXPERIENCE perdue. Tout RECIT qui ne devient pas une ACTION est une histoire sans lendemain !"UX/CX/EX, récit stratégique, design fictionFranceYesYes
Lucie AudigierAfter a master in anthropology with the EHESS (France), I became a teacher of sociology and economy in high school for seven years. It was a wonderful experience. I also had the chance to travel, open myself to new cultures, and speak four languages. But I wasn’t challenged enough, I couldn’t express fully my creativity. So I did a coaching program to help me figure out what was the best career fit for me. It became crystal clear that I was made to be a UX Researcher, studying users' behaviour to make their journey as smooth as possible. I'm now Lead User Researcher at The Innovation Loop, a French start-up working to help innovation & research to get funding. I'm working remotely so I can continue to travel around.User researchToulouse-FranceYesYes
Matt ArtzMatt Artz is an innovative anthropologist, designer, strategist, product manager, and entrepreneur, specializing in user experience, product development, and consumer insights. His groundbreaking design work has attracted attention from Apple's Planet of the Apps and the 2022 South by Southwest (SXSW) Pitch Competition and his visionary ideas have been showcased on TED, UNESCO, UserZoom, UX Planet, Towards Data Science, Product Coalition, and Zapier.Business, Design, & Digital Anth. UX & Product mgmt.Philly/NYCYesYes
Maureen MeyersI am an archaeologist specializing in the pre-contact and contact period of the Southeastern U.S. I work as a Senior Archaeologist at New South Associates, Inc. I've worked in museums, multiple CRM firms, and was a tenured professor at the University of Mississippi before leaving to join the private sector. I oversee about a dozen projects to meet state and federal standards (S.106) in historic preservation across the Southeast, including state DOTs, TVA, COE and NPS as well as private clients. I also have done work to identify and eradicate sexual harassment in the field, published on working in the field with a chronic illness, and continue publishing in my research areas of frontier Mississippian chiefdoms, household economies, ceramics, shell production, fabric production (all in SW VA); 17th C. Westo Indians in SC; arsenic in 19th c. graves; and inclusivity in archaeology. Because I have a combined academic and practicing background and years of lecturing experience, I enjoy talking to college-level classes and have spoken many times on various topics in the field.Mississippian chiefdoms; frontiers; fabric production; ceramics; Native enslavement; arsenic embalming; sexual harassment; chronic illnessAtlanta, GAYesYes
Natalia ZlachevskyI am a social anthropologist graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a master's degree in gender, society and politics (thesis in progress) and postgraduate courses in applied anthropology and anthropology of design. For fifteen years I have been working in social projects in the non-profit sector. Ten years ago I was part of the foundation of the organization engineering without borders argentina where I currently work in the training area. I also work in a program of digital inclusion of indigenous women from the gender area of FLACSO Argentina. I coordinate a degree in strategic management of social projects at the National Technological University. My interest is in participatory methodologies for the design, formulation and management of social projects. I have specialized in designing and facilitating workshops and trainings in intercultural contexts. I can formulate and coordinate projects with a human rights, intercultural and gender perspective. I have experience in training trainers and professionals to work in complex social contexts, as well as in coordinating work teams. In addition, I always seek to systematize the projects in which I have participated in order to build knowledge, learning and stories that reach people. I have studied in a university program in communication for social organizations, as well as several script and writing courses and I have coordinated editorial projects in the social sector. I have a background in interdisciplinary teams, especially with engineering professionals and architects and I am interested in building bridges between the technological world and the territories.Social Projects, Education, DesigningBuenos Aires, ArgentinaYesYes
Noor MohammadCompleted Master of Anthropology in 1999. Since the last 22 years served at least 19 INGOs, NGOs and Universities. Namely, ICDDR,B; BRAC, BRACU, University of Dhaka, BRRI, BCAS, NGO Forum, Govt. and autonomous institution and aligning others. Vast knowledge of interview board and research interviewing. A rare combination and Master piece served 20 organizations in 20 years in Bangladesh! Where getting a job is too hard.Social/Cultural Anthropology , Medical Anthropology, Social Research on Public healthBangladeshYesYes
Racine BrownRacine Brown is a user experience researcher (UXR) and applied biocultural anthropologist by training. Racine has had an eclectic career so far. After completing a dissertation on the linkages between livelihoods, food security, and obesity, he did post doctoral work on traumatic brain injury in a VA health services research center. Subsequent UXR work includes startup consulting in the fintech and property tech spaces, digital consulting and leadership in the telecom space, and internal tools research for Google as a UXR for AnswerLab. He is always happy to share his experience with students and aspiring practitioners.user experience research; business strategy research; consulting; enterprise software; improving workflowsColumbus, OH, USAYesYes
Reshama DamleI am a Human-Centered Designer with technical training in languages, linguistics and Anthropology. A deep thinker in synthesizing multiple data points into story-based and inclusive products and as an interactive media developer, I produce, direct, and shape media products for web applications, training software, online educational tools, film, video and other interactive media. I am a creative and empathetic leader with an appetite for language learning and performance art and also the director of sNAPAshots: Conversations with Practicing, Professional and Applied Anthropologists with the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology.Human Centered DesignVancouver, CanadaNoYes
Richard RosenowRichard Rosenow is an expert in the field of people analytics with a broad track record of experiences. His industry knowledge and expertise in the field have enabled him to design and implement innovative solutions and have established him as a thought-leader in this space. With a passion for empowering HR professionals, Richard is dedicated to sharing his expertise and lowering the barriers to entry for those looking to enter the field. As the Vice President of People Analytics Strategy at One Model, Richard is tasked with sharing best practices, developing People Analytics communities, and creating cutting-edge research that supports HR and People Analytics leaders. He is committed to staying at the forefront of industry developments and actively participates in the People Analytics community by attending and promoting meetups, broadcasting open roles in People Analytics, and sharing his insights on the field via LinkedIn.10+PittsburghYesYes
Robert J. MoraisAnthropologist with career in advertising and market research, and a Lecturer at Columbia Business School. Previously Principal/Co-owner of a market research firm for 11 years, preceded by 25 years with advertising agencies rising to Chief Strategic Officer. Books: Advertising and Anthropology; Ethics in the Anthropology of Business; The Language of Branding; Refocusing Focus Groups; and Social Relations in a Philippine Town. Articles in Forbes, Ad Age, Huffington Post, American Anthropologist, Human Organization, Culture and Organization, Journal of Business Anthropology, Teaching Anthropology, Philippine Studies. PhD in anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh and a certificate from NYU's Stern School of Business.Business anthropology, market research, mixed methods, consumer insights, product innovation, business ethicsMetro New York, USAYesYes
Scarleth HerreraScarleth Milenka is a digital anthropologist/ethnographer in AI (Artificial Intelligence)- She’s the Founder, Executive Director and principal Digital Anthropologist at Orez Anthropological Research- an independent non-profit founded to educate, explore and advance research in digital anthropology. The vision for Orez is to advance research and have a better understanding of how relationships of humans interrelate with digital technologies. Scarleth Milenka is a long time member of Broward County Archaeological Society & Palm Beach Museum of natural history, Florida, Florida Anthropological Society attending and participating in workshops, lectures & events since 2015. Scarleth Milenka is fully bilingual in Spanish and English.Digital Anthropology in AI, Data science, Big Data, Digital Ethnography, Digital Humanities,Fort Lauderdale, FloridaYesYes
Shawn CollinsI've spent twenty years in the aerospace and energy industries, earning a PhD in Anthropology and MS in Mechanical Engineering along the way. My work is at the interface of engineering puzzles and organizational puzzles. In addition to my professional work I've published academic research articles in anthropology and management journals.Business anthropologyIndianapolis, INYesYes
Suanna CrowleySuanna Crowley is an applied anthropologist and consultant working with universities, nonprofits, and individuals to amplify data and discovery. Using an anthropological lens, she examines networks of communication to create effective messaging campaigns that connect broad audiences with scientific and cultural understanding. In 2019, she designed the social media plan that helped to elevate the first-ever picture of a Black Hole in front of 4.5 billion people across the globe. Suanna's background is in archaeology, environmental sciences, and cultural resources management, leading domestic and international teams. Beyond this multi-disciplinary work, she is an avid mentor of students and early career professionals. Suanna teaches, writes, and speaks about ways of bringing anthropological training and insight into many sectors.Communication Anthropology, Science Communication, Digital Media, Public Relations, Public Policy, Branding & Marketing, Archaeology & Cultural Resources Management, Environmental ScienceBoston, MAYesYes
Tara SchweglerTara Schwegler is an anthropologist, research leader, and leadership expert committed to bridging the gap between the academic and private sector. After beginning her career as a Collegiate Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, she pivoted to the private sector, where she has held leadership positions at Meta and USAA. As Co-Founder and Director of Research of RedSquared Consulting, she has led customer experience strategy and training initiatives for over 30 companies, including the City of San Antonio, the American Automobile Association (AAA), and Northwestern Mutual. In addition, she is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she teaches courses on design thinking, leadership, and the anthropology of food. Tara is a passionate advocate for women in leadership and frequent consultant on improving gender equality in the workplace. She has developed thought-provoking and engaging leadership series for clients ranging from the City of San Antonio to the Innovative Leadership program, and she is a highly sought after speaker whose credits include TEDx. She recently completed a book manuscript titled, Set Up: Why Women Lean Back and What We Can Do About It. She sits on the board of the Women’s Leadership program at Houston Christian University and actively mentors undergraduate and graduate students on leadership and career development. Tara earned her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of ChicagoUX Research, Women's Leadership, Ethnographic Research, CX Research and StrategySan Antonio, TexasYesYes