As part of the mission to improve the preparation of anthropology students for careers, the Anthropology Career Readiness Commission is launching a speakers bureau. This speakers bureau will connect anthropology practitioners interested in academic speaking engagements with faculty looking for guest speakers for their classroom, workshop, conference, or other events. The goal of this speakers bureau is to strengthen the “Exposure to Practice and Practitioners” element of the Career Readiness Curriculum.

We begin with building our database of guest speakers. If you are interested in speaking in an academic setting (virtual or in person) regarding your work experience, we invite you to fill out the information in this form. We are just looking for a short bio, a photo, areas of specialization, location, email address, professional social media links, and availability (virtual and/or in-person).

This information would then be available for those in academia to peruse and contact you. Details and any honorarium or expenses reimbursement would be negotiated directly by you.

Please sign up!  Anthropology needs you!