Our Speaker’s Bureau connects anthropologists working in industry, nonprofits, and government roles with university or college instructors seeking to broaden the professional horizons of their students.

Looking for a captivating speaker for your academic event? Instructors are invited to visit our Find a Speaker page and browse the profiles of anthropologists willing to share their career expertise. Then, make direct contact with professionals who can enrich your classroom, workshop, conference, or event.

On the other hand, anthropologists working outside the academy are invited to Become a Speaker. Consider adding your name to our growing database of guest speakers. Share your knowledge and experiences with audiences interested in learning about work and careers in many different sectors. Help us strengthen the career readiness of anthropology students by signing up with your bio, areas of specialization, and availability. We invite you to be a part of our vibrant community and make a difference in academia.

The roster of speakers is intended to support instructors looking to identify and network with individuals trained in, but working outside, academic anthropology. Consequently, the Speakers Bureau is not intended as a venue for instructors seeking speaking opportunities unless they have previously worked in non-academic employment for a significant period of time. Any discussion of honoraria or expenses is the responsibility of the instructor and guest speaker. The Network does not set, negotiate, or receive any compensation as a result of this introduction.