At the upcoming Building Careers in Anthropology Conference, Jennifer Studebaker will be putting on a workshop titled: Rework Your Teamwork: Techniques for Leaders and Team Members. She sat down with Matt Artz to discuss her workshop and what participants could expect to get out of it.

Workshop Abstract

“You’ll be working in teams,” may elicit groans on your favorite reality TV show, but this workshop will provide you with tools and techniques to lead or join a team with enthusiasm.

We will review the key elements of high-performing teams and how to apply an anthropological lens to achieve success. Attendees should leave with an understanding of how to form an effective team, how to implement a project with a team, and how to be a supportive team member. This workshop is for students, instructors, and practitioners.

We will include guidance for those working in asynchronous, virtual environments as well as face-to-face.

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