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Hundreds of anthropologists have contributed to the Career Readiness Commission since its launch in 2021. As a broad, volunteer network, it has the support of numerous anthropology professional associations covering all subfields.


  • Most anthropology students at all levels will not teach anthropology
  • Many jobs in industry, non-profits, and government benefit from anthropological knowledge and skills, but
    • Current and potential students, and their instructors, are generally unaware of the work of anthropologists beyond the academy and the opportunities that exist in the job market
    • With few exceptions, anthropology programs have significant gaps in career preparation
    • Many employers are unaware of the value and relevance of anthropological training
  • As a result, enrollment in anthropology programs is decreasing sharply, jeopardizing the future of the field.


A “one-stop shop” for resources

To consider, prepare for, and secure a job in industry, non-profits, or government so that you use your anthropological knowledge and skills

To integrate anthropological practice and career awareness and preparation into your courses and programs effectively

To build a career-oriented network offering resources, support, and guidance


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Updates from the Career Readiness Commission

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  • Are All Capstones Created Equal?

Are All Capstones Created Equal?

October 5th, 2022|

Undergraduate anthropology majors are immersed in a wide body of ethnographic work from near and far. In other words, they read extensively about others’ experiences and research in “the field.” Relatively few of them (at least of a cultural-anthropology [...]

What can applied archaeology offer anthropology?

September 7th, 2022|

I live in two professional worlds. Part scientist, part science communicator, I navigate a cross-disciplinary career with a saying from time in archaeology: Work from the known to the unknown. The Career Readiness Commission’s Fordham Conference cued up this [...]

  • How Does a Conference Help Anthropology Matter

How Does a Conference Help Anthropology Matter?

August 24th, 2022|

“Anthropology helps us think about the world differently; it helps us uncover social silences.” These words by anthropologist and journalist Gillian Tett resonated in my mind while attending the conference “Building Careers in Anthropology” on Friday, May 13th, 2022 [...]

  • Our First Year Review

Our First Year Review

August 22nd, 2022|

If you’re interested in what the Commission has been doing during the past year, check out our “First Year Review” which is now posted on the website. You’ll find a description of what the Commission is, what we planned to [...]

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