The latest Anthropological Career Readiness Network meeting was held on July 20, 2023. In the meeting, the group covered several initiatives aimed at enhancing the career readiness of anthropology graduates.

One of the key initiatives discussed during the meeting was the implementation of the Speakers Bureau. This platform facilitates valuable connections between professionals from diverse sectors, including technology, healthcare, and consumer research, and academic instructors. The primary purpose of this initiative is to arrange guest lectures and enrich the learning experience for anthropology students.

In addition to the Speaker’s Bureau, the meeting delved into the Network’s newly introduced advisory program. This program is specifically designed to support university anthropology departments in expanding their curricula and activities related to applied anthropology. By providing initial consultations and ongoing assistance, the Network aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for pursuing non-academic career paths successfully.

During the meeting, an engaging discussion unfolded about the role of AI in the field of anthropology, with a particular focus on ChatGPT. Participants addressed the under-recognition of anthropology backgrounds in various industries and explored the potential and limitations of AI in the context of anthropological research and career opportunities. It was highlighted that while AI, such as ChatGPT, can synthesize existing information and offer valuable insights, it is essential to understand its limitations and the significance of human expertise.

The Anthropology Career Readiness Network