How Proficient Are You? Take the Quiz

Take stock of your skills by using this quiz to review your strengths and weaknesses.

What’s in a Name? Job Titles to Explore

Kick your job search off with these titles that are held by anthropology graduates.

Can do, can’t do, and can’t do without! Your Ideal Work Environment

Don’t just get a job. Get a job that is right for you. This tool can help you reflect on what you need to succeed.

Mastering the Elevator Pitch

Know how to make an impression. This resource takes you step by step through crafting your elevator pitch.

Observe and Reflect: An Interview Checklist

An interview goes both ways. Use this checklist to reflect on how a job interview went and if the role is right for you.

Networking Basics & Informational Interviews

Not sure how to grow your network? This tool shows you how to do so through informational interviews.

Job Interview Strategies: Steps for Success

Be ready for your next job interview! This tool will help you prepare and pivot as needed.

Resumes, CVs, Portfolios, and Bios, Oh My! Ways You Can Introduce Your Work Experience & Expertise

Learn the benefits of and the differences between a resume, CV, portfolio, and a professional bio.

Making Graduate School Decisions

Considering going to grad school? Follow these steps to decide which programs would be best for you.

7 LinkedIn Features to Land a New Career

Upgrade your job search by taking advantage of these LinkedIn features.

Bring another dimension to your fieldwork by introducing participant drawings to your interviews.
Organizational cultures shape our experience of the world daily. In this tool, learn how to deepen your understanding of an organizational culture through ethnographic methods.

Anthropology Is a Superpower in User Experience

User experience (UX) is a field where many anthropologists have thrived. This tool will give you an overview of what anthropologists offer in this space, the methods they use, and resources to learn more.

Building a Career in Nonprofits

Curious about nonprofits? This tool will give you insight into what a career in nonprofits may include, the roles available, and the skills needed to succeed.

Building a Career in Consumer Products and Services

Consumer research is an area where anthropologists are often employed. Learn more about what a career in consumer products and services looks like in this tool.

What can you do with a degree in anthropology?

Parents and others around you might ask, “What can you do with a degree in anthropology?” This tool will give you answers on potential career paths and the prospective job market.

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: 12 Sections to Make Your Profile Stand Out

Get your LinkedIn profile in shape with this checklist.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It! Translating Anthropology for the Workplace

You have the skills. This tool helps you take your anthropological training or experience, understand why it matters, and translate it into language employers more often use.

Creating a Cover Letter

Stand out to employers by crafting a thoughtful and compelling cover letter. This tool lets you know what to include.

Tell a Story of Anthropology with the STAR Method

Create compelling stories showing the impact of anthropology using this STAR method.

A Brief Introduction to Conducting Focus Groups

Expand your toolkit by learning how to conduct a focus group.

Project Management Basics for Anthropologists

Effective project management is crucial for organizational success.

Six Keys for Effective Advocacy

Begin your advocacy journey with this tool.

Show Our Impact: Communicating about Anthropology to Employers

Employers want to know what it means to hire an anthropologist. This tool gives you real-life examples of how anthropologists have made an impact.

Virtual Experience: What is it? How Do You Put It on Your Resume?

Excited to learn new skills, but can’t go back to school right now? Explore these virtual learning options and learn how to add the experience to your resume.

Facilitating Successful Meetings and Events

Facilitating meetings and events is a big part of any job. This tool guides you through crafting a successful meeting or event.

Five Keys to Fundraising Success

Fundraising can be a daunting task, but this tool gives you five keys to making that ask.

Anthropologists, Meet DEI

DEI is a growing field! This tool provides DEI’s history and how anthropologists can be a great fit.

Effective Public Speaking Skills and How to Improve

Public speaking is an essential skill for anthropologists in the workplace. This tool takes a deep dive on public speaking best practices and how to develop this skill.

Navigating Graduate School

You have decided graduate school is the next step for you. Use this tool to help you get the most out of your education and experience.