How do we address what practitioners say was missing from their anthropology training?

Practitioners told us which skills helped them land their job and which have helped them do it. This tool provides places to start in addressing what is missing from anthropological training.

“Components of Successful Applied Anthropology Programs”

Explore the features of successful applied anthropology programs to learn how to transform your own.

Anthropology programs have options when introducing/expanding application & practice

Looking to introduce applied and practicing anthropology in the classroom? Here’s how other programs have been doing it.

Applying Anthropology in the Workplace

We asked practitioners what methods they use and which questions they answer. This resource presents those findings and the recommendations from them.

“Anthropology programs face opposing forces that require creativity, perseverance, and resilience”

Instructors face challenges in introducing application and practice in their programs. Here’s guidance on how to breakdown those barriers.

How do you set up a client-based class project?

Get your students some practical experience with a client-based class project. This tool helps you get started.

Building Department-Alumni Connections

Build relationships with your department’s alumni with the strategies in this tool. It includes a list of benefits you can expect to see.

A Career Ready Curriculum

A Career Ready Curriculum is the framework we have developed to introduce practice into yoru curriculum.

Elevator Pitch Exercise

Use this in-class exercise to have your students practice their elevator pitches.

“Take the Quiz” Exercise

Have your students “Take the Quiz” to evaluate their anthropological skills with this exercise.

Interview Checklist Exercise

For students or job seekers to do on their own, this exercise provides a structure for applying our interview checklist.

Connecting Students with Alumni Exercise

Help your students build relationships with alumni and explore their career options using this exercise.

Fostering Alumni & Student Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the tool for networking. Put it to work with a LinkedIn group for connecting alumni and current students with this guide.