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  • Our First Year Review

Our First Year Review

If you’re interested in what the Commission has been doing during the past year, check out our “First Year Review” which is now posted on the website. You’ll find a description of what the Commission is, what we planned to do for Year One, and what we actually accomplished. The Review concludes with a list of things we have planned for the future. If you’re interested in finding out more about us, or about contributing to any of our future activities, get in touch with either Elizabeth ( or Riall ( ).

  • Building Careers in Anthropology Conference

Building Careers in Anthropology Conference

The Building Careers in Anthropology was a resounding success. This comment by one instructor seems to convey the spirit and resolve of the Commission: "The conference was spot on! I came away with a renewed sense of hope for the future of the discipline." Please take some time to review: the Commission's past year and current state (Briody plenary, and future (Nolan plenary) communicating the value of anthropology to others (Tett plenary) the 12 workshops on various career-preparation topics, effectiveness in the workplace, teaching practice to students, and showcasing anthropology through social media. Plenary Talks [...]

  • What’s around the corner for the Commission?

What’s around the corner for the Commission?

Funny you should ask!  Some of the Commission’s leaders were just on a Zoom call about a potential conference featuring the Commission’s work. Here are our initial thoughts: Place: Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus in NYC Date: A Friday in May 2022 Purpose: Learn about and try out an array of “deliverables” (e.g., trainings, exercises, repository) that Commission members produced in its first year; exchange ideas; identify additional target areas Audience: Current anthropology students and recent graduates, practitioners from the tri-state area, and teaching faculty/instructors Sessions: Workshops, panels, discussion groups, … Cost: Very affordable

  • Next Commission Meeting is December 9th

The Next Commission Meeting is December 9th

Our next Commission-wide meeting will take place on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 4:00 EST. We will describe how we are raising awareness of the Commission's work, provide updates on each of the six workstreams, and hear from one Anthropology program which has successfully embedded career preparation into the curriculum.

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