Building Careers in AnthropologyThe Building Careers in Anthropology was a resounding success. This comment by one instructor seems to convey the spirit and resolve of the Commission: “The conference was spot on! I came away with a renewed sense of hope for the future of the discipline.”

Please take some time to review:

  • the Commission’s past year and current state (Briody plenary, and future (Nolan plenary)
  • communicating the value of anthropology to others (Tett plenary)
  • the 12 workshops on various career-preparation topics, effectiveness in the workplace, teaching practice to students, and showcasing anthropology through social media.

Plenary Talks

The Commission and Its Work

Elizabeth Briody

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Communicating Anthropology

Gillian Tett

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Careers In Anthropology

Riall Nolan

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Teaching Students to Practice 

Heidi Bludau, Monmouth University

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Does Your Elevator Pitch Position You for Opening Doors?

Jennifer O’Neil, Fordham University

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Becoming an Entrepreneurial Anthropologist 

Robert L. Adams, Jr., Thomas Leland

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Bringing Anthropology into Consumer Research

Patricia Sunderland, Cultural Research & Analysis, Inc.

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Rework Your Teamwork: Techniques for Leaders and Team Members

Jennifer Studebaker, Ewing Marion, Kauffman Foundation

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Getting Networking to Work for You during the Job Search

Elizabeth K. Briody, Cultural Keys LLC and Melissa Fisher, New York University and The Conference Board

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Skill Building for Success

Autumn D. McDonald, ADM Insights & Strategy and Sherrell K. Honoré, Reckitt Benckise

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Anthropological Storytelling through Social Media 

Phil Surles, Cotheorist

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How to Straddle Academic and Industry Jobs

Timothy De Waal Malefyt, Fordham University and Robert J. Morais, Columbia University

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Nailing the Interview

Beth Holland, Radiant Digital

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Personal Professional Development with Learning Contracts

Riall W. Nolan, Purdue University

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Organizational Consulting and the Anthropological Lens

Barry Dornfeld, CFAR and Daphnie Pierre, CFAR

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The Anthropology Career Readiness Network