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Matt Artz is an innovative anthropologist, designer, strategist, product manager, and entrepreneur, specializing in user experience, product development, and consumer insights. His groundbreaking design work has attracted attention from Apple’s Planet of the Apps and the 2022 South by Southwest (SXSW) Pitch Competition and his visionary ideas have been showcased on TED, UNESCO, UserZoom, UX Planet, Towards Data Science, Product Coalition, and Zapier. Follow his podcasts Anthropology in Business and Anthro to UX to learn about the application of anthropology to business and design. Stay connected with Matt’s latest work and insights by following him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Google Scholar. For media inquiries, contact Matt.
  • How Can I Assess Job Fit?

How Can I Assess Job Fit?

In a 2020 AAA career webinar titled Breaking Into Tech, I shared my experience transitioning from academia into tech roles, along with several key considerations for determining the best fit with an employer or job. While the talk was tech-focused and took place during the pandemic hiring frenzy, many of the lessons remain broadly applicable. Likewise, I resurrected some of my talking points, and share them here to help students and early career anthropologists thinking about leaping from academia to industry. Organizational Considerations Navigating the nuances of organizational culture and dynamics requires a keen understanding of one's own working style and [...]

  • How Can Anthropologists Prepare for Careers in AI?

How Can Anthropologists Prepare for Careers in AI?

The acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI) is sending shockwaves across industries. As companies rapidly adopt AI to streamline operations, conduct research, and drive innovation, what does this change mean for the role of anthropologists in business? How can anthropology graduates position themselves to deliver value in an AI-driven future? Insights from the Frontlines of Business Anthropology In a recent webinar, I hosted on “AI in Business Insights, Innovation, and Strategy,” researchers, strategists, and executives at the forefront of leveraging AI shared a wealth of insights on how anthropologists can prepare for the AI revolution. A consistent theme was using [...]

How to Land a Job in UX Research with an Anthropology Degree?

No matter your specific field of study, an anthropology degree equips you to better understand humans — how and why we act, what we value, and what forms our beliefs about the world. One booming field that values this perspective is user experience research Since user experience research has become one of the fastest-growing markets for working anthropologists, this blog post explores how an anthropology degree can help you find a job in the field. About User Experience User experience, or UX, refers to how a person feels when interacting with a product or service. User experience research, also known [...]

  • How can I increase my anthropological impact?

How Can I Increase my Anthropological Impact?

As an applied anthropologist, I am concerned with solving practical problems. This started with my University of North Texas direct-to-consumer genetics thesis research and has continued into my professional life. Many tech projects I work on, while important, are relatively minor when it comes to their impact on society. My thesis project, however, was not one of them. After I submitted my thesis to the UNT library archive, where it would never be viewed again, I wondered what was next. Given the ethical concerns that came out of my research, I knew I couldn't stop there. I wanted more people [...]

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