Troy, MI, February 19, 2023 – The Anthropology Career Readiness Network announced a new name and updated logo as the grassroots professional group moves into a phase of accelerated outreach to anthropologists in all subfields. 

Elizabeth Briody, Founder, Cultural Keys, LLC, and Riall Nolan, Emeritus Professor, Purdue University, originally formed the Network as a volunteer-run commission of anthropologists charged with improving the preparation of anthropology students for the workforce readiness. 

Nolan said, “We saw a need for better ways to approach current employment trends within anthropology. With more students entering non-academic jobs, anthropologists require new ways of marketing their talents outside the academy, and university instructors need more resources to prepare students for those opportunities. The Network helps to fill that space.”

Anthropologists and their skills are increasingly recognized for driving innovation and efficiency while maintaining emphasis on the needs of human participants within any system. Anthropologists are employed across private and public sectors, including industry, nonprofits, and government.

“We are excited to rename the Commission as a Network to reflect a more active, participatory role that anthropologists from across the discipline can take,” said Briody. “The tools we develop and workshops we deliver are important resources for job seekers. But we won’t forget our research roots and will continue to study the needs of anthropologists where they work.”

Established in 2021 as the Anthropology Career Readiness Commission, the Network now boasts close to 400 members. These volunteers create resources and reports for students, instructors, and job seekers looking to translate the value of their training to potential employers. They also generate content for the popular World of Work blog, where contributors examine aspects of anthropology careers and career preparation.  

Nolan added, “This is a moment for us to build on the good work and relationships the Commission has created and to invite more anthropologists into the conversation.”

Membership in the Network is open and there are no fees associated with participation. Its resources are readily accessible to anthropologists at all career stages. The focus is on collaboration, allowing members to participate in projects or outreach efforts that encompass the fields of cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and biological anthropology. Members come from a range of backgrounds including students, instructors, and practitioners–anthropologists working in industry, nonprofits, and government.

The group hosted its first in-person conference in 2022 at Fordham University in New York City, bringing together students, academics, practitioners, and applied anthropologists for a day-long discussion on career trajectories and skill building. Conference participants examined ways to support academic preparation for careers beyond traditional university roles via networking, organizational consulting, teamwork techniques, and communicating the relevance of anthropological training across employment sectors. 

Network meetings are held virtually bi-monthly and a periodic newsletter is published to inform members about ongoing efforts. Anthropologists interested in connecting with the Network are invited to submit a Contact form on the website to subscribe to regular updates and event listings. You may also follow the Anthropology Career Readiness Network on LinkedIn (Group | Page), Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Briody noted, “Anthropologists are everywhere, not just in university departments. We contribute to technology, healthcare, public affairs, and nonprofit organizations…just about any job you can think of. But more importantly, anthropologists offer the kinds of perspectives and skills that improve everyday life and work.”

About the Anthropology Career Readiness Network

The Anthropology Career Readiness Network is a broad, volunteer collaborative of anthropologists and anthropology students seeking to make a greater impact on the world. 

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