The Issue: A great deal of material already exists pertaining to anthropological practice, written by both practitioners and academics. How could this material be collected and organized in a way that is useful for students, instructors, and practitioners? Group 2 has been compiling existing resources and organizing them into a repository on the Commission’s website under the “Resources” tab.

Data/Diagnosis:  Group 2 has assembled over 200 resources to date.  The resources are divided into four categories:

  • History and current state of applied and practicing anthropology
  • Teaching and pedagogical approaches
  • Information on practitioner careers across sectors
  • Career and professionalism resources for anthropological careers in industry, non-profits, and government

Insights:  Current resources reflect Group 2’s composition and experience so they pertain primarily to cultural anthropology.  Future work will target linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology.

Final Products:  A repository of compiled resources including articles, podcasts, webinars, training materials, client proposals and presentations anonymized, links to additional anthropology resources, and more