The Issue: Tomorrow’s anthropology will look different from today’s, and so will tomorrow’s anthropologists. What do we imagine tomorrow’s cohort to be like in terms of composition and skills? What grand challenges will they be called upon to face? How can we prepare these students for the future? Group 6 has been working on imagining likely futures and what this means for training.  It also has been investigating platforms that allow students, new graduates, and experienced practitioners to connect with each other.

Data/Diagnosis:  While there are thousands of practitioners, it is difficult to be part of a single network with them.  Group 6 has selected the Gather platform and will test its robustness as part of an open house in January 2022.

Insights:  Many organizations have member-based networks; those who are not members may not hear about organization-sponsored events.  Furthermore, it is challenging to identify events in one’s areas of interest in the wider world.  Group 6 hopes to address both difficulties by creating a one-stop shop list other events, particularly virtual ones, offered by selected organizations.

Final Products:  Event hosting (e.g., meet ups, day-long events) on Gather; possible buddy program for new Gather users.