The Issue: Many anthropology programs have implemented application and practice; some have met with considerable success while others have not. Group 4 engaged in two distinct efforts to explored factors and circumstances promoting either success or failure in integrating practice and job preparation into anthropology programs. Its first effort involved conducting interviews with anthropology instructors. It also sponsored a second effort involving a University of North Texas graduate student class project under the supervision of Susan Squires.

Data/Diagnosis for Effort 1:  Group 4 conducted 13 interviews with teaching faculty of both bachelor’s and graduate courses; these individuals worked primarily at U.S. public universities.  This sample had no overlap with the sample for Effort 2.

Insights for Effort 1:  Career readiness initiatives should be embedded in the curriculum at various points from introductory courses to internships to upper-level courses. Career readiness includes practice (internships or learning laboratories) and discussion of practice (seminars and classes).  It is vital to maintain networks across the university, and with alumni and practicing anthropologists regionally and more broadly.  Viability of initiatives depends greatly on institutional dynamics and resources. Consequently, initiatives should maximize available opportunities within an institutional context.

Final Products for Effort 1:  Report; bulleted list of lessons learned.


Data/Diagnosis for Effort 2:  University of North Texas graduate students, under the supervision of Susan Squires, conducted 14 interviews with teaching faculty at a mix of institutions (e.g., 2-year, 4-year, private, public).  This sample had no overlap with the sample for Effort 1.

Insights for Effort 2:  Successful programs are associated with

  • Department Chair commitment to application/practice
  • Teaching faculty with applied/practice experience
  • Projects and courses that build skills
  • Ties to and collaboration with the local community, practitioners, alumni, and other university departments

Final Products:  Final PPT presentation and report.