Since its launch in May 2021, increasing numbers of anthropologists, anthropology students, and anthropology associations have become aware of the Network’s work and used its growing set of resources. As an independent network, the project brings together those eager to improve anthropology’s relevance in the world through a greater emphasis on career readiness. Several working groups are active at any given time. Among other activities, they are involved in producing new research insights, creating new materials such as workshops and tools, adding to the resources repository, and expanding the World of Work Blog.


Elizabeth Briody Headshot

Elizabeth K. Briody has been involved in cultural-change efforts for over 30 years – first at General Motors Research and later through her own consulting practice, Cultural Keys. She has led many career initiatives including an analysis of AAA Mentoring programs, numerous career webinars, and the careers video “Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference.

Riall Nolan Headshot

Riall Nolan is a British-trained social anthropologist with an interest in cross-cultural learning, international development, and the application of anthropology to issues and opportunities outside of the academy. His career has focused on development work, internationalizing higher education, and the training of practitioners, and his research and publications reflect this.



These anthropologists have made especially significant contributions to the Anthropology Career Readiness Network. They have

  • Designed our website and logo
  • Built and expanded our resources repository
  • Identified components of successful applied anthropology programs
  • Surveyed anthropologists about what was missing in their training
  • Developed tools and workshops to help students speak confidently about the value and relevance of anthropology
  • Planned our social media strategy
  • Coordinated and chaired working groups

Zahira Aragon

Matt Artz

Kira Collins

Nazia Hussain

Priscilla Linn

Timothy Malefyt

Andrew Marley

Robert McCallum

Gina Nuñez-Mchiri

Jenell Paris

Angela Ramer

Suanna Selby Crowley

Astrid Countee

Erica Dziedzic

Robert Hahn

Claire Sigworth

Cody Skahan

Susan Squires

April Steele

Jennifer Studebaker

Patti Sunderland

Gillian Tett

Robert Winthrop

Anthropology Programs

Anthropology programs began partnering directly with the Network beginning in fall 2021.  Undergraduate and graduate class projects that we coordinate offer practical skills and experience working for a “real” client.  For example, students learn the value of producing products and solutions, working collaboratively with peers, understanding the importance of project management, and developing and delivering a final presentation.

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