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Hundreds of anthropologists have contributed to the Anthropology Career Readiness Network since its launch in 2021. As a broad, volunteer network, it has the support of numerous anthropology professional associations covering all subfields.


  • Most anthropology students at all levels will not teach anthropology
  • Many jobs in industry, non-profits, and government benefit from anthropological knowledge and skills, but
    • Current and potential students, and their instructors, are generally unaware of the work of anthropologists beyond the academy and the opportunities that exist in the job market
    • With few exceptions, anthropology programs have significant gaps in career preparation
    • Many employers are unaware of the value and relevance of anthropological training
  • As a result, enrollment in anthropology programs is decreasing sharply, jeopardizing the future of the field.


A “one-stop shop” for resources

To consider, prepare for, and secure a job in industry, non-profits, or government so that you use your anthropological knowledge and skills

To integrate anthropological practice and career awareness and preparation into your courses and programs effectively

To build a career-oriented network offering resources, support, and guidance


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  • How Might You Hone Ethnographic Improv

How Might You Hone Ethnographic Improv?

October 9th, 2023|

Meet Andrew Marley. He is an organizational anthropologist, futurist, ethnographer, and researcher. For his MA project with the non-profit think tank, the Institute for the Future, he blended ethnography with forecasting, creating scenarios of alternative futures. I will talk about [...]

  • How can storytelling unlock the world of anthropology?

How can storytelling unlock the world of anthropology?

September 27th, 2023|

Storytelling has always captivated the human imagination, connecting us across time and cultures. It is an ancient art form that transcends boundaries and allows us to make sense of the world. While anthropologists and social scientists are renowned for their [...]

  • Why Stay in Touch with Alumni from Your Institution?

Why Stay in Touch with Alumni from Your Institution?

August 30th, 2023|

Alumni are like extended kin: both are based on “connections.” With kin, association is based on family (e.g., marriage/partnership, offspring) while connections with alumni come about by virtue of shared experience – typically in a college or university. How [...]

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